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There are some cases where is permitted to skip the Plusvalia tax, do you know more about?

Taxes are something that we need to take in account when selling the property. The tax regime in Spain permits to not pay the Plusvalia in two restricted cases:

  • when you reinvest the sum derived form the sale in a new property within two years (if it's your residencai habitual).

  • if you are 65 older and it is your residencia habitual, you don't have to pay any taxes. 

Do you know what is the Plusvalia Tax and what is its rate?

In 2021 the Spanish government introduced a few changes:

0-6000 euro: 19% rate

6000-50000 euro: 21% rate

50000-200000 euro: 23% rate

200000-over: 26% rate (this has been changed).

Just remember that it's a progressive rate regime.

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