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Ready to take your

Real Estate into the future?

Unlike a typical real estate agency in Mallorca, we advise you on the current market situation and forecasts, helping to move with more clarity and real market touch in your buying/selling decisions.

We gladly recommend competent professionals, such as lawyers, architects, banks, tax consultants and other specialists, assisting you throughout the entire process.

We are not just talking, advising or writing about investment.

We want to move in the alternative living space with concepts internally nurtured.

We are a player to support the growth of Crowdfunding sector.

With the aim to facilitate the meeting of developers who are looking for funds and savvy investors.

Send us your projects, we will do analysis and you'll receive feedback about it.

There are over  7,400 PropTECH startups and that number is increasing exponentially.  Do you know how to navigate this large and complex eco-system having a filtered and value-add proposition for your business?

 20 Years of Accumulated Practice

To know your horizons and depth of water is really valuable to measure:

the risk to sink,

               time of swim and if

awards are worth it.

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