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Metaverse and real estate: what's going on?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Meta is going to be a buzzword after Facebook brand relaunch, opening the doors to a new age of Internet defined Web 3.0.

What's the connection with real estate if we are talking about a digital and virtual world?

Well, believe or not, people are buying land in the Metaverse.

This article published today on Bisnow evidences as the debate is hot and the views diverging. It's not only a thing for Nerd or crypto fans, the long terms implications have to be evaluated and to spend some times thinking how people will adopt this new approach and will interact.

I can't evaluate the real adoption rate of a larger piece of population, if not when the tools to use the metaverse will be more easy-to-use, affordable and accesible. What i can testify is that to be blind to this or listen only fanatics or negationists is not the right answer.

A lot of questions pop up in my mind: is this the gamification of our lifes? Are we becoming a more and more secluded community skipping away be the real problem? Isnt' better to be focused on innovation applied to the real world, a world that is so packed of potentially irreversible problems?

I want to take a time to evaluate the real implications of metaverse, in particular in connection with real estate, I don't want to be pressed by FOMO. I'm instead really open to listen opinions..

Actually, looking with the glasses of a financial professionals, I struggle to understand the concept of scarcity in the metaverse: while every metaverse platform can define a finished number of land, it's the number of platforms and their success that drive the value of "land". So to really take a conscious decision you are taking a bet on the capacity of the platform to attract users.

Also the number of platforms, issuances and transaction is narrow, while the liquidity in secondary markets of NFT is still to be judged.

Here also an artice for Spanish speakers.

Qué es el metaverso y cómo invertir en él | Mercados | Cinco Días (

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