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How many types of coliving are actually existing??

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

The coliving concept is evolving fastly and new pattern are followed by a large number of operators, applying the idea in different types of buildings , with different features and addressing different target markets, both in terms of age/culture than spending power and needs.

According to us, we have two main channels within the coliving concept, based on the role/weight of community.

The first one is a coliving space that is born o want to be developed around the concept of community or common interest or similar lifestyle: that is what we call coliving hub. It’s typical of space for entrepenuers or for digital nomads or surfers, often they are operated in single o just a few number of locations and the biggest role is played by a host or founder that is more o less resident in the structure and operate like an entertainer. This place are usually self-made and use a owned structure, attracting people in nice places to live and work for mid to long terms.

There’s a long list of sites and operator like Outpost or Mokrin House and much more. To expand they have to detach by the founder, become a institutionalized business and front the difficulty to replicate the uniqueness of the original place. Honestly noone of this playes if strongly focused on to solve the affordability crisis. Big players are scarse but Selina is dominant, also if they are more and more in the hospitality sector (hostels.)

The second big group incorporate a larger group and they try to focus on the access to city centers, affordability and community as integrating feature.

Below a list within the large ecosystem and some categories that we’are following:

Large-scale, institutional-quality operators



The Collective


Niche, boutique-style operators:

Tribe Coliving





Furnished apartment companies that rent out rooms by the month:



Coliving for senior citizens:


Senior Homeshares


Single-Family Houses turned into Coliving:



Big Brands trying their hand at Coliving:

Mini Living

WeWork’s We Live

Coliving Hotels:

The Assemblage

Joe & Jo by Accor

Hometel (Hybrid hospitality and residential):

The Student Hotel


As you can see the hospitality and residential business are mixing every day more.

Like final point we would like to consider also players in coliving space that mixing also student housing accomodation, are focusing only on roomating, with different level of community involvement. Famous player are DoveVivo (no-community) or Livly (community oriented,) Their business model is substantially rent an entire flat or block from a landlord, if needed renovate a get an agreement and then subrent individual rooms.

As we can see coliving is defined and applied in large number of ways, without considering the difference in terms of geography. Coliving in Germany is different from UK and so for other countries.

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