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Contech is so attractive..

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

While not being an expert in construction and building methods, notwithstanding I can say to really grab the importance of construction to evaluate projects and gain efficiency. Time and costs are top drivers.

Since the hype and failure seen in Katerra, Contech has moved forward in 2021 attracting big money and interest, particularly following the big increase in raw materials and supply chain issues, other than workers shortage. Check here to see the amounts involved!

I think that this short video could add some lights into this segment:

New York Real Estate News - The Real Deal

Instead if someone wants to increase their knowledge, this focused VC add some interesting insights:

Foundamental: The global investor in construction technology

Let's see how interesting is MMC in particular for living solutions:

Modern methods of construction resilience as homes on track | BTR News

This is not prefab as often confounded... it's way more.

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