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REinvent, REinvest​, REimagine



look at

Real Estate Market of

Mallorca in

an innovative way. 


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We have started from scratch.


Mallorca has always been associated with tourism and attractive villas and beaches.

This has generated a good and bad perception at the same time.

We believe that it is time to change.

Bringing new values, New Age mentality

and introducing digital innovation to

Real Estate Assets.

We are fostering smart ideas for a better living and work experience

Introducing our law firm

Our Business Activities


Mallorca Real Estate

We provide advisory services and

help to source investment opportunities across the island.

We analyze the market data and trends, providing market study, evaluation of deals and insights to comprehend the market situation and evolutions.



As expert of the new trends in the residential markets, we foster living solutions to accomodate next generations and to drive a better customer experience, helping landlords to adapt their assets and drive better returns.



We provide financial investment analysis for a large range of assets and modeling for real estate deals.

With a large experience in the asset management area, we moved our focus to Alternative Investments, specializing in RE Crowdfunding. We want to help investors to access to the better opportunities and developers to access to flexible and cheaper funding.


PropTech solutions

We want to help real estate players to navigate the digital transformation trends,

providing innovative solutions for

the entire real estate value chain.

We are active sponsor of proptech solutions and we market exisiting services and products.

Covid-19 has accelerated our transition into the Age of Fourth Industrial Revolution

We are studying the past,

acting now and planning the future

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